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Airsoft Safty Foundation - Mission


We are the Airsoft Safety Foundation (ASF).

The goal of the ASF is to maintain Airsoft as a safe form of recreation and training, and to prevent any mishaps or negligent use through product standards, public education, and appropriate regulation.

The Airsoft Safety Foundation (ASF) is currently composed of major airsoft specialty and sporting goods companies. Our collective mission is to enhance and promote the safe sport of airsoft through education and outreach as well as through industry wide initiatives such as through the development of safe ASTM standards for airsoft products. (ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials, a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards). We aim to increase awareness and use of safe practices so that airsoft will always be, as it is today, a viable, enjoyable sport that the whole family can enjoy as well as a valuable tool for training. This message, and the rules of safe play, will be promoted at all participating retail outlets, by contacting airsoft clubs and individual players, via media outlets, and through as many other venues as possible.

Airsoft Safty Foundation

Board of Directors (in alphabetical order):

Andrew Ho, Spartan Imports Inc.

Giovanni D’Egidio, Hollywood Sports Park

John Steele, SoftAir USA

Peter Ching, KWA Performance Industries

Peter Ho, Spartan Imports Inc.

Note: The above are volunteer positions with no compensation.

Airsoft Safty Foundation

Founding Members:

Airsoft Evike.com

Airsoft Extreme

Airsoft G.I.

Airsoft Zone Corporation


Gamepod Combat Airsoft

G&G Armament

JAG Precision

KWA Performance Industries

Prima USA

Softair USA

Specialized Distribution (Team SD)

Spartan Imports

Tac City Airsoft


Airsoft Safty Foundation


AirsoftFix, LLC

Combat Enterprises

Game Habitat

The War Store

Airsoft Safty Foundation - What is Airsoft

What is Airsoft?

Today, airsoft is one of the fastest growing sports activities in the United States. Millions of Americans of all ages partake in airsoft all over the nation. Airsoft is a game where participants use airsoft guns that primarily fire 6mm plastic BBs to 'tag' and eliminate opposing players from the game. There are many different types of airsoft play and, since the sport has become more mainstream, there are far more uses than just recreational play, many of them vital to the safety of our nation, and of our communities. Many military and law enforcement agencies, for example, use airsoft equipment to aid in training. Since its humble beginnings in Japan almost 40 years ago, airsoft has become a way of life for many people all across the globe and serves many functions including pleasurable recreation.

Despite its decades-long ancestry, airsoft didn't start to grow in the United States until the early to mid 1990's. Since then, many Americans have found numerous benefits to playing airsoft and prefer it over other similar activities, such as paintball and laser tag. Airsoft is a cleaner and more affordable alternative to paintball. Airsoft is more realistic than laser tag, and generally offers a better work out. Many children play airsoft with their parents as a way to bond. Husbands and wives play together, or against each other, as a healthy way to connect or release some marital stress. Another reason so many people are joining the airsoft community is that there are so many different ways to play.

Airsoft play can range from a short elimination duel between friends to a weekend long test of endurance. Some of the games are usually very short, fast paced, and one can play multiple games in one day. There are also longer types of airsoft games that are objective or scenario based, require more strategy, and are a better test of endurance than simple elimination games. Weekend long airsoft “operations” can gather hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of participants to work together in an attempt to out-strategize and outplay the opposing team. These big operations are also a test of a player's endurance where the terrain and objective challenges can test the physical and mental fitness capabilities of the participants.

Airsoft is more than just an activity to get out of the house and get exercise. There are real world applications for airsoft and the associated equipment. Numerous military units and law enforcement agencies are focusing their training around airsoft equipment due to its close resemblance to the tools they use on the job. This enables the professional to train effectively yet safely, then to easily transfer these skills to real life situations when they protect the community. Also, since airsoft BBs are much cheaper than dedicated training ammunition, it helps agencies keep cost to a minimum while maximizing the level of training to keep officers alive when they are in the field. Speed shooting athletes also use airsoft equipment as a practical and affordable training tool for competitions. Real gun owners use airsoft as a mechanism to teach their children about proper gun safety and ownership. There are many uses for airsoft beyond the recreational play for which it was created.

Airsoft has become a way of life for many people all over the world. Individuals rely on airsoft for exercise and entertainment. Law enforcement, military, and competition shooters rely on airsoft for training. Many other industries rely on airsoft for their products and services. Airsoft is more than just a game.

Airsoft is a sport and a passion. As with any sport, observance of safety protocols is critically important.

Our foundation exists as a resource to educate and train. Let's always put safety first.

If you are an airsoft player or end user and would like to support our cause, you can send us a donation by clicking the following button:

Your generous donations goes towards the costs of legislative advocates and legal analysis to educate lawmakers on Airsoft sports and to assist them in the formation of safe, sensible regulations on the trade and enjoyment of Airsoft products.