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Airsoft Safty Foundation


Airsoft is once again under attack for all of the wrong reasons.

California SB 798 is a direct reaction to an incident where a teenager pulled a BB gun at the officer during a nighttime stop and was consequently shot. In an effort to prevent future mistakes, the bill would require both airsoft and BB devices to be brightly colored or clear.

This is a misguided policy approach that is going to undermine all of our efforts at airsoft safety. It is going to criminalize and limit the property rights of current California merchants and owners, and it will inevitably lead to an unsafe and unregulated black market in both airsoft and BB guns.

We all know that BB guns and Airsoft guns are obviously vastly different items - BBs guns shoot metal pellets. While BB guns are unmarked, Airsoft guns are already subject to strict federal laws and standards which require they be marked with blaze orange plugs protruding a specific length from the tip of the barrel. This longstanding arrangement has been applied consistently across the United States and has played a significant role in keeping this industry safe for so many years.

For safety sake, neither a BB device nor an airsoft device should be colored as toys. The predominant black colors are purposeful expressions of the fact that these devices are only for individuals over 18 years of age. This law would color them in candy pink and green. Young children may believe to believe these are harmless toys for their plan and enjoyment. Airsoft and BB guns are colored black for good reason, they are devices that must be handed with care and respect.

The military-style marketing which surrounds airsoft may alienate and frighten members of the public who do not understand that airsoft is a legitimate sport that requires strategy, training, fitness and endurance, perseverance, and etc. Please take the time to educate those whom you know what airsoft is, and that its practitioners include those whom are responsible for upholding our laws (police, FBI, military, and etc. who train using airsoft).